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Chinese Evangelical Church of San Diego


Our Vision:

To create a Christ centered and grace filled community for all people through the gospel that brings personal conversion, community transformation, and cultural renewal to our city and the world.


About Us:

Chinese Evangelical Church (CEC) is a non-denominational church located in the Linda Vista neighborhood of San Diego serving people of all walks of life who want to be part of a new life-giving Gospel centric community. We have children, students, working professionals, families, and seniors who call CEC their spiritual family in this journey of faith together to follow Christ and be filled with His grace. 

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A Glimpse of the past


CEC's original bulletin from it's first church service on July 2, 1978.

CEC was started by a small group of about a dozen or so believers, and the first Sunday worship service was held in a member’s home on July 2nd, 1978. Within weeks, the church had grown to a point where it needed to meet in a larger facility at College Avenue Baptist Church. The services were conducted in Cantonese and English. 

As the church continued to grow, in 1982, CEC purchased its current facility on 2585 Judson Street in the Linda Vista community. Not long afterwards, a Mandarin service was added. With the increased attendance, additional rooms were needed for classrooms, and in 1988, an adjacent property was purchased to build Timothy Hall. 

In 2006, the English congregation needed to start a new service due to its growing size so the Fellowship Hall was remodeled into a worship space. Since 2007, CEC has been running four services on Sunday morning, and the church has grown to over 500 believers.


A Vision for The Future


Join us on this journey of faith

Since its inception in 1978, CEC has been on a journey of faith. Over the years, our Lord has proved Himself faithful, full of patience and grace, sustaining us and building up a congregation that is now over 500 brothers and sisters.  Our current campus consists of three buildings, and the main sanctuary is now 75 years old.  In 2009, we purchased the adjacent Annex property with plans to demolish the existing structure in preparation for a new building. Our journey of faith now brings us to a time of new construction.  The time has come to take the next step together to employ the resources that God has entrusted to us to build up the CEC campus where generations will spend many more years growing in faith and fellowship, leading newcomers from all walks of life to find Jesus and to have growing relationships with Him.


Why do we need a new sanctuary?

There are several reasons for building a new worship and Christian education building right now. We need more classrooms for the increasing number of children’s program, and we need bigger classrooms to accommodate the growing class sizes.  We also need larger worship spaces. The 1st English service has filled over 67% of their seating capacity and the 2nd English service 70%. The Cantonese service has filled over 67%. We also need more bathrooms, and overall better accommodations for the handicap and elderly. A new worship and Christian education building would solve all these needs by providing 12 additional classrooms, a sanctuary that can seat 299 (the number depends more on parking rather than size of the sanctuary), and 6 more bathrooms.  



CEC's New Worship & Education Center


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Blueprints & Designs

Support Us

Support Pledged & Raised

$0 $1,700,000 $3,000,000

The total funds needed for our church building project is expected to be $4.0M.  This total amount includes an estimated $3.33M for building construction and re-striping the parking lot, an additional $350K for furniture, lighting and sound system, plus $250K for architectural and engineering fees.

We plan to raise $3M or more of that amount through generous giving and donations from our church members while financing the remaining $1M or less.  During our initial Building Fund Drive, we received commitments totaling $1.27M in pledges. Since July 2017, we have collected $770K into the Building Fund.  Including the surplus in the General Fund that had been moved into the Building Fund, there is now $1.2M in the Building Fund.  If we include the $500k amount pledged yet to be received, we will need to raise additional $1.3M in order to keep the mortgage under $1M

God has gifted each individual and family differently; some are able to give more than others.  But all of us are called to be givers, and all of us can give sacrificially when necessary.

Together we can provide the financial resources needed to accomplish the task, but it will take all of us walking in faith and obedience to God. We encourage every “giving unit” in our congregation to be part of this journey and prayerfully consider a three-year faith commitment that is above and beyond their current giving. Our goal is for as close to 100% of our members and families to participate as possible.

Through the worshipful act of giving generously and sacrificially, we deepen our faith, trusting God will use these facilities for His purposes. Discuss as families how you can participate in the Lord’s work. Look for opportunities to involve your children with object lessons about giving, goals, and sacrifice. Let’s all get involved in the work and excitement for the new building project. Can we envision facilities that serve Him and our community for another 75 years? Join us as we embark together on this journey of faith!


How to give

Please remember to designate your supplemental “Building Fund” amount so as to separate it from your usual giving amount. Now is the time to start giving if you haven’t already done so. 



Building Roadmap


Aug/Sep19 – Submit first revision after City review

Oct/Nov19 – Submit second revision after City review

Oct/Nov19 – Restart building fundraising

Nov/Dec19 – Solicit bids from several contractors

Jan/Feb20 – Review bids and choose a contractor

Mar/Apr20 – Arrange financing

Apr/May20 – Break ground

Apr/May21 – Complete building

May/Jun21 – Occupy building

*As of 8/29/19

*Update for July 2018. We will be required to tear down Grace Cottage to make room for a new driveway and 18 additional parking spaces. Our neighbor has finally decided not to sign a Mutual Use Agreement and will not be sharing the driveway with us.






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